RSS is a cutting-edge, business systems development, and services company dedicated to providing today’s entrepreneurs with business programs they control to maximize profitability and lifestyle choices.

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RSS Offers World Class Training

“As one of the fastest growing companies in America, RSS has an exciting atmosphere and adding my “All-Pro Motivation” and “Next Level” training programs to their proven and powerful training model has been incredible. The energy and passion all the RSS business coaches have is exhilarating and I look forward to years of helping them empower entrepreneurs across the nation.”

At RSS, we take pride in manufacturing products here at home and approximately two-thirds of the products we sold in 2017 were made in the good ole USA. We have orchestrated our production capabilities to maximize the logistics of regional distribution through 19 different manufacturing facilities strategically located to supply a national chain in a swift and cost-efficient manner.



RSS’s production capabilities provide ever more important “to store” and “to customer” direct shipping efficiencies that far exceed what a mom and pop operation can achieve. Our logistics and distribution vision continue to be a powerful part of how RSS is disrupting the home furnishings industry.


To have options is to have opportunity!

BoxDrop Mattress

BoxDrop Mattress is our starter program.

Designed for business owners who want better control of their time and income. This is an appointment based, mattress only, strategy that maximizes time and money so our dealers can make better lifestyle choices.

“What a blessing Retail Service Systems has been for myself, my family, and the residents of my community!” RSS has taken me from a single mom working three jobs, 7 days- a-week, 14-hour days and transformed me in to a six figure, set my own schedule, flexible, worry free mom.  I have gained many wonderful friends along the way that are here to support me with the knowledge and ideas to build success within my own small, local business.  My community has gained an affordable way to buy new, name brand mattresses and furniture at a clearance cost that won’t break their budget, all thanks to RSS!”                                                                                                                                                                         Meridian Home Furnishings

~ Kelly Harris

Owner, Meridian Home Furnishings

“Local” Furniture Direct

“Local” Furniture Direct is Our localized and stable “Hub” warehouse program for owning a full scale furniture business designed to use our well tested methodologies for targeting and selling furniture and bedding in a way that offers numerous competitive advantages compared to traditional high priced main street retailers.

“It has been such a blessing to work with Retail Service Systems (RSS).  This business gives me the ability to own my own business, be my own boss and have control over my destiny. I can set my own hours and work  as much or as little as I want. The program works itself…and if you follow the program, you can make a lot of money! I am also able to employee my oldest son and most recently, my middle son. Keeping it all in the family, allows me to pass this business on to them!”                                                                                                                                                              Tallahassee Furniture Direct ~ Sandi Varn

Owner, Tallahassee Furniture Direct

BoxDrop Mattress and Furniture

BoxDrop Furniture is a national affiliated business opportunity. We offer branding, marketing, and distribution scenarios that connect brick and mortar businesses to specialized e-commerce and social media marketing strategies using proprietary “Channeled Purchasing” and selling methodologies in the close out and clearance marketplace.

“Retail service systems has changed my life for the better. I now own two mattress and furniture locations and I’m living my dream. Thank you guys for what you do life would not be the same without you. See you at the top!”                                                                                             Brookfield Furniture Direct ~ Jerry Moore

Owner, BoxDrop Pewaukee, WI, Brookfield Furniture Direct

Thank You For Your Service!

Military Commitment Program

Retail Service Systems (RSS) has joined forces with the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES).

Our Military Commitment Program (MCP) was designed to help entrepreneurial and accomplished military veterans own BoxDrop locations on select Military Bases across the U.S.

“I am the proud owner of three Box Drop Furniture and Mattress Outlet stores and have been opened for business since September 2014. I have store locations at the Davis Monthan AFB Exchange and a warehouse location in downtown Tucson AZ. I also just opened a new location at the Fort Bliss Army Exchange Freedom Crossing Mall in El Paso TX. Because of my association with RSS I have become a successful business owner and have now been able to take control of my financial goals. Additionally, RSS helped me launch the Military Commitment Program, which is designed to help Military Veteran entrepreneurs an opportunity to become business owners throughout the U.S!”
~ Julio Morelos Jr.

Owner / Previous: Explosive Ordinance Disposal Chief Master Sergeant USAF (retired), BoxDrop Tucson

Retail Fundraising Solutions

Retail Fundraising Solutions: A unique concept in helping organizations raise funds by tapping into the $14 Billion Dollar a year mattress industry.

“I started in the mattress business in the spring of 2014, out of a small space and had immediate success, In May of 2014, I dove into a large store front, hired an employee and had retail hours with no official training. Soon, I was losing money and not selling beds. I reached out to RSS’s President Scott Andrew, who told me if I choose to be teachable and accountable to my RSS Coach and go to training, in 6 months everything would be fine. After training, I changed everything about my process and my business turned around immediately. Since then, my business is debt free, I’ve purchased a 27,000 square foot warehouse, started and sold a second location to my cousin and my wife who was a full time nurse, now works part time!”

 “My success is proof that if you are coach-able and willing to work hard, anyone can do this business!”                                                           Appleton Furniture Direct Andy Glatczak


Meet The Team
Scott Andrew CEO / Owner

Scott Andrew

President & CEO

Jerry Williams Senior Vice President & COO

Jerry Williams

Senior Vice President & COO

Darren Conrad Executive Vice President & CMO

Darren Conrad

Executive Vice President & CMO

National Division Manager

Brad Loy

National Divisions Director

Jerry Williams Senior Vice President & COO

George Varn

Chief Training Officer (CTO) and South East Division manager

RSS’s National Executive Management Team and Executive Advisory Board has over 150 years of combined expert experience in the $100 Billion Dollar US Home Furnishings industry.