The Census Bureau reports that the U.S. Home Furnishing retail business generates almost $100 Billion dollars a year in sales! How consumers buy products is changing and RSS with its proprietary programs is leading the way in how they are changing in the home furnishings industry!

Triple Digit Growth

2016 marked another year of triple digit growth for RSS and we are extremely excited about your interest in taking control of your life as an entrepreneur. To help with making your goals and dreams of successful ownership a reality, RSS licenses dynamic proprietary systems and retail programs with high profit potential at much lower costs than the cost of starting a traditional retail business.

Since 1999, business owners have made over $305,000,000 in wholesale purchases using RSS’s programs, systems, products, and private labels. They used our proprietary methodologies and intellectual property for merchandising, marketing, and selling in their own exclusive territories to turn those wholesale purchases into an estimated $475,000,000 to $575,000,000 in retail sales!

RSS is a distribution, clearance, and close-out specialist focused on exclusive territory distribution and specialized proprietary marketing and sales methodologies that generate high-margin/high-value sales to dealers/consumers.

Combining our business systems with unique advertising and marketing methodologies as well as aggressive product pricing, we have created a high-margin, low-overhead, multi-program, and multi-location licensing model that is virtually recession-proof.

This website provides an excellent overview of our unique distribution model and programs as well as how we offer ongoing support that truly sets the stage for a dealer’s success in their exclusive territory.

You’ll also discover:

  • RSS offers some of the smartest and most cost-effective unique choices for entrepreneurs in licensing opportunities
  • RSS licensed entrepreneurs work for themselves, set their own schedule, and control their own level of success
  • RSS proprietary models are built for success in any economy offering flexible programs to optimize opportunity and profits.
  • RSS licensees can be running our programs in as little as one week after signing their licensing

In August of 2008, we were ready to invest over $500,000 to expand our existing business. Then came along a chance to open a ‘Your Town’ Furniture Direct with a fraction of the capital investment. Now we have a thriving $1M a year business that allows 3 generations of our family to work and share time in the business. We can pay my daughter in a way that allows her to be a key part of the business & a “stay at home Mom” 5 days a week raising our grandchildren!”                                                                                                                                                                              Chico Furniture Direct

Bob Wert

Owner, Chico Furniture Direct