We Take Care Of Our Own

At RSS, we pride ourselves on maintaining a world-class level of training and support. We’re a family and we want our locations to be successful. To help entrepreneurs run on the right path, we’ve developed one-on-one and group-training programs to help them learn everything they need to know as well as stay on top of an ever changing marketplace. We’re there to make sure they are confident in the processes we’ve created so they are highly equipped to run our programs to have a profitable business.

Training begins before you open.

The moment a new dealer has signed an agreement we work with them to schedule a trip for training. This is a two day training class where new, established and veteran dealers come together to learn how to get started and get refreshers on the basics and advanced systems of our business model.

No furniture experience needed.

One doesn’t need to know a thing about furniture or mattresses to become a successful RSS Dealer. We teach our licensee’s everything they need to know and support them on an ongoing basis as they make their business ownership dream a reality.

Advertising 1 on 1 Call.

Once you are home and ready to get started, you have direct access to multiple business coaches including a Business Start-up Team, a Divisional Manager, a Digital Marketing Director and RSS’s National Advanced Business Advisors. Our advertising training is very personal as we know how critical it is to success so we schedule a more in depth (10 days to open) advertising training call to go over specific market details and answer any questions that might come up regarding advertising.

This gives you an over the shoulder training process that alleviates guessing and gives our dealers a template they can replicate over and over again.

Ongoing Training

This is where our Division Managers get involved. With more than 100 years of combined experience among our six Division Managers, there are very few questions that cannot be answered by them.

We also host weekly open training calls where we encourage new dealers to ask questions to get answers. Above and beyond that, we have weekly advanced business calls and internal systems ranging from the tracking of business metrics to interest free business development financing to assist successful small businesses grow into larger ones.